Divide and Exit

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The gist A furious (and at times humorous) state of the nation address. The music Exposing the dire world that is “Cameron’s Britain”, Divide and Exit is the nearest we have to an opposition. Utilising an often breathless torrent of bile and humour, chief ranter Jason Williamson is able to make you both and think and laugh, aided by basic (but highly effective) bass lines and old school beats created by co-conspirator Andrew Fearn. Divide and Exit is an album that demands to be listened to and sees the band come across as prophets in an age of pound shops, food banks and tax dodge schemes. Listen to "Liveable Shit" – at once funny and angry, a song that begins with the faecal horror of a toilet first thing in the morning and leads on to a comparison of an omnipresent and blood sucking David Cameron to Gary Oldman’s take on Dracula, a state of affairs that in our apathetical state we “put up with it”. Superb. “Tweet Tweet Tweet” -  starting out like a long lost cousin of The Specials “Ghost Town” , “Tweet…” sees social media and its ability to transform us into “zombies”  given a good kicking. Listen if...you like John Cooper Clarke, early Fall, kitchen sink drama and hate the Tories. Don't listen if...you don’t like ranting Northerners or the truth.

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