Forgetting The Present

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The gist Album #3 from Remember Remember, released on Mogwai's Rock Action label. The music Beginning as a creative vent for multi-instrumentalist Graeme Ronald, Remember Remember have quickly morphed into a proper band, and one of the most ambitious ones out there. Their last album, The Quickening (released back in 2012) was a glistening triumph and deservedly got nominated for a SAY award. Their latest, Forgetting The Present, is very much a continuation of that work, honing their "Box of Delights sound", as I like to call it. There's an element of childish joy and occasional menace running through most of the songs but they somehow still manage to uplift. Forgetting The Present was presumably put together with a small budget compared to other, similarity ambitious artists (Sigur Ros, Ladies & Gentlemen-era Spiritualized spring to mind), but Ronald and producer Tony Doogan manage to build a huge, blockbuster sound from whatever means they had at their disposal. A claim which, incidentally cannot be made for The Box of Delights... (I'll stop referencing that show now as I'm guessing only a trace of the population have any clue what I'm talking about). Although much of this album will please anyone who enjoyed The Quickening, the band have added a few new touches. There's a surprising jazz feel to some of the tunes (especially "Pterodactyl") and there's a certain confidence in the song-writing that was maybe missing in the early days. There's no rule book here, the songs don't need to go anywhere and there are no big climaxes, sometimes they just float around and then go away. And that's just fine. Listen to "La Mayo" - a sweeping melodic piece with trademark glockenspiel and an added saxophone (i think...) hook. It's got a trippy, meditative groove that wouldn't sound too far out of place at Ibiza's Cafe Del Mar. "Why You Got A Blue Face" - Ennio Morricone comes to Glasgow for eight and a half minutes in this magnificent would-be western theme. Listen if... you like Sigor Ros, soundtracks, Kraftwerk, glockenspiel Don't listen if... you like the classic three minute pop single or traditional song structure

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