The Hope Six Demolition Project

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A rare PJ Harvey album that doesn't go for some sort of extreme left turn, this one seems like a direct follow up to 2011's superb Let England Shake, as though Harvey had unfinished business to attend to. This may be a surprise to some given the ground breaking living art-installation recording process, which saw members of the public brought into the studio to witness some of the sessions, but what it lacks in re-invention it makes up for in pure songwritng and panache. John Parish and Mick Harvey, again have prominent roles, perhaps even starring roles this time, with many of the tracks coming over as proper group efforts rather than solo recordings. Another gem in the Harvey oeuvre. Listen to "Dollar, Dollar" - haunting and evocative in it's lyrical narrative, this track includes one of the greatest sax solo's since Duran Duran's "Rio".

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