Wild Nights

Release Date
The gist Second album from Manchester's rightly lauded four piece. The music Recorded in Joshua Tree, CA, PINS have a pleasing dirty desert rock jibe running through their second album Wild Nights. Its probably not surprising as one of its producers was Dave Catching, known for his work with The Eagles of Death Metal and Queens of The Stone Age. And the stoner groove of those two bands spills out onto many of these songs, in a seemingly organic and completely non-cynical way. Elsewhere, the lyrics are almost child-like in their rudimentary rhyming, the vocals often mimic the guitar lines and the there's rarely a key or tempo change. Yes, many of these songs seem ultra simple, and maybe they are, but what you're left with is a tonne of sneaky little ear worms that you'll find almost impossible to dispose of. There are occasional exceptions, "Curse These Dreams" is richly layered and lush, like The Cure in one of their more inspired eras, and "Got It Bad" is a weird alt-country interlude which splits the album nicely in two. With hints of Thee Oh Sees (the yelps in "Young Girls" bear more than just a passing resemblance), 80s goth, and even early Bananarama (in their Fun Boy Three collaborating phase) in their cannon, the record doesn't even contemplate the concept of a dull moment. Put it this way, the band don't seem to be at all penned in by their new desert surroundings, its more that they've sucked it up and added it to their already busting bag of influences.  Listen to "If Only" - PINS sound like they've gone a little bit chipper on this upbeat, but actually downbeat jangly guitar number. It proves the band's ability as a dab hand at crafting nice little three minute (literally) pop songs.