Voices in a Rented Room

Release Date
The gist Somewhat abscure supergroup (Donovan Quinn from Skygreen Leopards and Ben Chasny from Comets on Fire) make a simple album The music This is an album that sounds like two friends in a room, fighting off sleep after a drug and booze filled afternoon, but powering on with their tunes regardless. That's not to say its sloppy - the slide, finger picking and general strumming is all quite accomplished - but the tempo is either slow or slower. Bookended by two wonderfully constructed tunes, the album occasionally drifts towards boredom, but always pulls off something quirky to reel you back in. Listen to "Black Bough" - Sets the tone for the album, but its the best example of the duo's rhythmic, hypnotic and generally improvisational sounding shtick. "Cool Daughter" - the ghost of John Fahey watches over proceedings in a haunting album climax. Listen if...you like stripped down T-Rex, John Fahey Don't listen if...you are desperately trying to stay awake for whatever reason