Broken Record #51


Nadine Khouri's dreamy atmospheric debut album The Salted Air has just been released on her own label One Flash Records. The LP was recorded live by the eminent John Parish and is correctly receiving a great deal of praise from all the right people. Watch a live recording of her track "Broken Star" below, but before that take a peak inside Khouri's record collection for #51 in our Broken Record series. 

Record from my teens

Belly - King

I loved this album as a young teen. It was joyous, full of melodies and harmonies, but also quite surreal in its imagery.  I didn’t know anyone at my high school (or my age, at least) who knew of them, so it felt like a pretty special and secret world I could retreat into.  
Joyous Record

Cat Power - The Greatest

I fell for Chan’s voice the first time I heard it on The Covers Record. There’s something incredibly serene and beautiful about the singing on this album.  I love the warm feel of it - I always feel better whenever I hear it. 
Under-rated Record

Stina Nordenstam - Dynamite

I don’t know how this was received when it first came out.  It was my first introduction to Stina Nordenstam’s work and I found it incredibly haunting - I loved its intimacy, minimalism, and experimentation… She's brilliant.
Work Out Record

Curtis Mayfield - Superfly

I’m quite lazy when it comes to exercising at all, but I like putting this on for some motivation!
Atmospheric Record

Talk Talk - Laughing Stock

My friend played me this after he'd heard the first demos for 'The Salted Air' and it really got me... I love this album as it feels like a meditation in sound, where the space and silences play a really vital role.