Ores & Minerals

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Mazes have chosen to open their second album Ores & Minerals with “Bodies”, a kind digi-psych strut which does absolutely nothing towards letting you in on their game. It's followed up in the early stages of the record by an off beat guitar hoedown (“Dan Higgs Particle”) and some light-as-a-feather Belle & Sebastian esque pop pomp (“Delancey Essex”). It's also strange that these songs are mixed up amongst a trio of tracks (“Ores & Minerals”, “Bite” and “Skulking”) that sound like the music of Kasabian in a world where they’d moved into more interesting areas after their debut instead of pandering to the lad rock masses. Not to put you off like. The gist is that Mazes have moved onwards from their enjoyable but one-trick debut (2011’s A Thousand Heys) and this miss mash of styles actually plays to their advantage. Tracks like “Sucker Punched” with it’s raw, yet delicate psychedelic bent and the sprawling “Jaki” particularly cut the mustard. An assured, if uneven record.

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