Broken Record #31


Mamuthones is the latest project of Alessio Gastadello, founder member of Italian psyche pop royalty Jennifer Gentle. He's joined forces with drummer Maurizio Boldrin and Jennifer Gentle main man Marco Fasolo (who takes on guitar and production duties) and their latest release is a split 12" with Evil Blizzard entitled Collisions Vol. 4. It was apparently influenced by "a 1967 documentary directed by Peter Adair about a Pentecostal snake handling church service in the tiny mining town of Scrabble Creek, West Virginia". As you can imagine, it's quite a freaky listen. In this Borden Record interview, Gastadello talks about the records that shaped his music and his life in general.

Record From My Youth

Pink Floyd - The Wall

I’ve never been young. But anyway, this is the first rock record I got (hey it was 1987… I’m not so old!) and for about one year I just listened to this and watched the movie too. Last summer Roger Waters came to my home town with the “The Wall” tour… fortunately I was on holiday. Everything started with this album, It could be also my record of sin.
Record of Joy

Ramones - It's Alive!

I saw the Ramones alive in 1992, it was one of the first times I’d driven outside my hometown at night and it was a very foggy evening. In that period of time there were many car incidents on Saturday nights in Italy, all the newpapers had headlines reading, “Saturday Night Carnage” referring to young people dying when travelling to the disco. Me and my best friend left a message on my car “we are not going to the disco, we are going to see the Ramones!” Fortunately everything went well. They played 28 songs in less than an hour, it was the perfect party.
Record of Sadness

God Machine – One Last Laugh In A Place Of Dying

I think it is the saddest record ever. I am obviously conditioned by the tragic event which is well remembered in the title. Moreover, this record came out during one of the saddest periods of my life and I spent so many hours in listening to it. There are a lot of sad records I love (Joy Division, The Cure…) but I can’t find a record with the same sense of death. It is not only sadness. It is death.
Driving Record

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Chronicle

When I have a long drive in front of me I start thinking about music weeks before. In the past I used to record playlists onto C-120 tapes, but these days there are some records that I put in the bag without thinking over. This one is the milestone of my driving records.
Record That Reminds Me Of… meeting my wife and falling in love

David Bowie – The Singles Collection

We’d known each other for a few weeks and I invited her for dinner at my home. I cooked for her and gave her this David Bowie singles collection. I think it is still the record we listen to together the most, it could also be our Driving Record!