Broken Record #29

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Anne-Marie Arpin

Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love are about to release their fourth and final album on Audio Antihero records. The aptly named Last sees the band revert back to their more familiar guise as a 2-piece, recording on tape to produce an ultra-lo-fi sound which really has to be heard to be believed (I've heard it and it's still sinking in - review to follow). You can listen to the summery single Burrow below, which is available as a free download. The band play, what would appear to be, their final show at Servant Jazz Quarters, London on Thursday 19th February. It would be wise to make your way over. Kelly Dyson from the band told Crackle a bit about his record collection for the latest in our Broken Record series. Some nice tips here for anyone who wants some album buying inspiration.

Record From My Youth

Neil Young - After The Goldrush

The earliest stuff from my youth that I still have in my collection would be Neil Young. I’m not sure if my memory is all that accurate, but I remember my brother and I raided my Dad’s cupboard one day and found a small box of vinyl. There were a few things in there, something by Jimi Hendrix and maybe Exile on Main Street by the Stones, but we really just became completely obsessed with After The Gold Rush and Harvest. I think both albums have gone a long way towards forming what I think to be ‘ideal’ album structure. I'll pick After The Gold Rush, but it could really be either; they are inseparable in my mind.
Record of Sadness

Grouper - Ruins

Maybe it’s a bit too soon to put this in here, but I’ve fallen so deeply for this. It’s raw, honest and extremely brittle - and so bare for a Grouper record. It leaves me a little devastated each time I listen to it, and I listen to it a lot.
Record of Joy

Mount Eerie - Black Wooden Ceiling Opening

There are a lot of songs by Phil Elverum that I would put in this category - The Moan, Where Lies My Tarp, I Can’t Believe You Actually Died, etc - but this album really gets me. It’s the riffs. There are so many good riffs on this. Maybe I’m mixing joy up with just really liking something, but I guess it does lift my mood. It’s hard to contain myself when listening to it and I usually end up screaming along. If my wife, Anne-Marie, and I are going to dance like crazy in private, it would be to this or the Rolling Stones.
Under-rated Record

Shannon Wright - Let In The Light

Like anyone who listens to indie music, I think that pretty much everything I listen to is under-rated by everyone else to some extent... Shannon Wright I know next to nothing about. I'd never heard her until recently, never seen her name touring, but she's been around for a while. For all I know, she may be really highly regarded at home, but from my perspective her music is under-rated. Last Things Last by Rachel’s is pretty much one of my favourite songs ever, but I only recently thought to look into who was signing on it. Now I’m working through her career an album at a time, and this was the first I bought.
Surprising Record

Nina Nastasia - You Follow Me

Nina Nastasia playing acoustic songs with Dirty Three’s Jim White scattergun free drumming on top of everything. If I tried doing anything at all like this, it would be such a huge mess, so I can really appreciate the talent here. In the end, I think it’s a really unexpected album and it sticks out from the rest of the body of her work like a beautiful broken limb.
Driving Record

The New Year - The New Year

I haven’t owned a car for three or four years, but just a couple of months ago Anne-Marie and I bought a van. It doesn't have a stereo we can use in it yet, so we’ll have to do something about that. In spring we are driving to Norway and planning on spending the rest of the year exploring the country and hiking. A lot of music I listen to is kind of awkward to drive to. On a few Mount Eerie albums, for example, some parts are so quiet that you forget there is even any music on for a couple of minutes and then BOOM! I think ‘guitar-bass-drums’ music is better for listening to while driving (especially in a noisy van). I've daydreamed a bit already about the soundtrack to our road trip and, although we’ll obviously be listening to loads of stuff, the first thing I hear us listening to is either Bedhead or The New Year. I’ll pick the latest self titled album for the opening lines on the track The Company I can Get... “It felt so fitting as I crossed the state line / as the last chord rang out and the tape started to unwind / as my knuckles on the wheel made the perfect gun sight / and each car that fell there I could vanish from the light."

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