Doorway to the Cesspit

Release Date
The gist London experimental goth duo's debut album The music Lovechilde is a collaboration between multi-instrumentalist Thomas Eliot Dodd and producer James Dashwood, and together they conjure an electro-goth racket. As might be expected from an album with a title like Doorway To The Cesspit, this is quite dark stuff, punctuated by blasts of noise and a vocal which flits between monotone boredom and shouty rage. It's a sound that isn't particularly prominent in 2014 which gives it a kind of fresh feeling, although comparisons could be made to the short-lived "electro clash" movement of the mid 2000s. Doorway To The Cesspit has all the hallmarks of a DIY bedroom project (layers of digital with electric guitar sitting on top), nothing sounds organic which only adds to the general creepiness of the record. I could do without the distorted voice interludes which are a bit too unsettling for their own good, but on the whole it's a solid debut from a band that have unearthed a somewhat novel and foreboding sound. You'll like it...if you happen to like the sound of creeping death. Listen to "Grease" - a welcome shard of light, this is actually quite a funked up departure for Lovechilde. Chic guitars and Nick Rhodes keys clash in an unlikely, crowd-pleasing way. "Dumb Kid" - a nightmarish journey into Lovechilde's grotesque mind, sounds like a cross between Iron Maiden and Kraftwerk. Listen if... you like goth, metal, early electronica.