Live at Lennon's, Southampton

Surely Lennon’s stage is too small for Lola Colt. The six-piece band from London is big on personnel and sound, creating massive aural landscapes which fill the venue. It’s like the soundtrack to a mean and moody western, a dark wide desert populated with dangerous people, guitars swirling like dust storms. Contrasting with their un-Googleable support band, The Moon, Lola Colt clearly take their show very seriously. The Moon on the other hand, play with all the youthful exuberance of a bunch of mates who just stepped out of their parents’ garage. They definitely look like they have fun with their messy all-girl punk. In about a year they’ll probably be really great but still impossible to find on the internet. Gun and her posse appear to be in character. There’s no chat on stage and not one of them cracks a smile. It’s intense, almost angry. Though to be fair they’ve given up their Valentine’s dates to play this gig. They’re tight, as you’d expect from a band who’ve spent so long on the road. Their trademark, a delicious multi-faceted rhythm section pushes them determinedly forward. And there’s always that shaker or tambourine, like a rattle snake warning its prey. Stylish and considered delivery, polished to a fine black sheen, laid over with vocals that are pained, powerful, bluesy, Polly Jean-esque. The only complaint is that the lyrics and some of that texture gets lost in the volume, they really are too expansive for such a small space. The decibel level and intensity builds to the end of the set where they bring out their big gun tracks, “I Get High If You Get High” and “Boom, Boom Blasphemy”. Then they’re done, not even a hint of an encore. If this were an epic tale of gun-slinging cowboys, Lola Colt, would be wearing the black hats, and everyone secretly loves the bad guys right?

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Lola Colt