Broken Record #32

lola colt

After a long period of plugging away on the live circuit, Lola Colt put some of their huge potential down on record at the end of last year. Their debut album Away From The Water was released by Black Tigress Records, and produced by non-other than bona fide Bad Seed Jim Scalvunos. The LP has been rightly praised by fans and press alike and gives them a whole new excuse to go out and tour again (dates below). They've also got a new single, Heartbreaker, coming out on March 2nd, so we asked Matt (guitarist and songwriting partner to Gun) to take us through some of his record collection - and give us a bit of insight into the band's songwriting methods in the process.

Under-rated Record

Grails - Burning Off Impurities

I remember late one night watching a documentary I'd stumbled across. I don't recall what it was about, I'm not sure I was really even paying attention to it, but at one point a piece of music crept in slowly from the background and I was instantly mesmerised. I don't think I even watched the rest of the film, I went straight to the end to find the music credits. The band were called Grails, the song was "Soft Temple". I went to see them last year when they finally came to the UK (they are from the US), dragging the rest of the band with me down to some little basement venue in East London. I would say it's criminal that they aren't bigger, but I don't think being 'big' is their intention.
Record From My Youth

The Shadows - 20 Golden Greats

I remember as a young kid looking at the record sleeve, with the distinctive shadow outlines of the three Fender guitar necks while my Dad played the vinyl in the house I grew up in. I remember images appearing in my mind as I listened, which had never been so vivid before. I think that at that age I didn't really understand much of what was being said in the lyrics of the songs I heard, but with The Shadows I was free to make up my own stories.
Record of Sadness / Joy

The Cure - Disintegration

I would like to offer the same record in both of these categories. Disintegration is a mass of self-pity and vented fear and remorse, but it is a heartfelt melancholy that is able to articulate feelings that are otherwise very hard to reconcile. It doesn't so much lift you up as reaffirm that you're down, but that in itself is somehow comforting - I suppose sometimes just knowing someone else feels the same way is the best you can hope for. The Cure have always supplied that very specific medicine for me.
Record That Reminds Me Of… meeting Gun

The Raveonettes - Whip It On

When we first met Gun and I would talk endlessly about the kind of music we wanted to make. We were concerned that simply mimicking artists we liked would lead us down boring, unoriginal avenues and became fascinated by ways in which we could place important creative decisions in the hands of chance. We drunkenly devised strange methods and tools to do this that we still use today - and at the heart of this was the need to define rules and create boundaries that we could rearrange, alter, build on or destroy. Whip It On, the debut record by The Raveonettes, written entirely in the key of B-flat Minor, using basically just the same three chords, became our go-to reference point for the extremes this approach can be taken to. It's as exciting sounding to us today as it's ever been.

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