Remain Distracted EP

Release Date
The gist Newcastle 5 piece unleash a new EP of darkened ditties The music A band that seem to have more in common with the Deep South than the North East, Kobadelta have arrived at a sound which would probably be best described as Desert Rock. There's a certain QOTSA influence running through these tracks, in a similar way that they bled into Arctic Monkey's unloved masterpiece Humbug. I don't think Josh Homme produced this EP, self released by the band, but his imaginary cigarette stained fingers are all over it. Opener "Siam" has all the marking of an indie hit (whatever that may be these days), Dom Noble's vocal drawl is a fitting companion to a barrage of guitars and a solid backline. "Repetition" is slightly more traditional in that indie-rock sense (and thus less rewarding), probably the EP's weak point but it's followed neatly by some pleasant gloom ("They Can't Hurt Me") and crunching guitar riffs ("The Heretic"). It's the sheer ooomph of guitar and attitude of the vocal that first hits you with Kobadelta, but after a few listens it becomes apparent that the real stars of the show are those snaking baselines and violent drum patterns which give the tracks a certain creative edge. Another promising upstart in an already bustling North East music scene. Listen to "They Can't Hurt Me" - a kind of horror soundtrack that builds into a dramatic climax which is complemented by some nice 80s gothic keyboards "The Heretic" - listen at full volume if you dare. You'd be hard pushed to find a more satisfying guitar sound on any record made this year. Listen if... you like Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, Earth, The Horrors