Weird Little Birthday

Release Date
The gist Debut album from hyped London slackers The music As a self professed "very lazy man" its telling that this album seems somehow too lazy to me. Its sleepy music for sleepy people, its not boring (and the slower tunes are actually the better tunes) but its probably music that should be listened to in a horizontal position, preferably in a hammock. The more up-tempo songs are steeped in an abundantly clear slacker/Pavement influence, haphazardly strummed and sung with an American drawl, if you didn't know better you'd swear that Happyness were from across the pond. All of these things could make for easy ammo to dismiss Happyness as a fleeting nostalgia act, but there are enough quality tunes on Weird Little Birthday to reel you in. A band with definite potential. Listen to "Baby, Jesus (Jelly Boy)" - an interesting low-key introduction to a debut album. Notable for it's restrained guitar work and inspired lyric "I'm the motherfucking birthday boy, don't steal my thunder baby Jesus". "Pumpkin Noir" - an uncharacteristic piano ballad, proving that the band have some extra range, albeit range that sounds a lot like Eels. "Lofts" - an atmospheric break-up note/love letter. At times maudlin, at times epic, it's easily the best song on the album. Listen like Nirvana Unplugged In New York, New Bums, Pavement Don't listen are Mr. Strickland