Welcome Home

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Welcome Home is Hannah Cohen's long awaited follow up to 2015's dark pop masterpiece, the criminally overlooked Pleasure Boy. On this album Cohen has morphed from synths and stark soundscapes to a smoother, folkier sound (albeit still with dashes of icy electronica). The album opens with "This Is Your Life", a hazy, wobbly dreamlike pop single with Cohen's pristine vocals sitting unassumingly on top. It's a good indication of whats to come as the whole album has a warm, laid back quality to it and typified by tracks like "Dissolving" which brings to mind drifting slowly out to see on a raft. Whilst the album as a whole doesn't quite hit the highs of Pleasure Boy, "Old Bruiser" is probably as good as any individual moment to that record, a predominantly acoustic number which eventually, and dramatically, breaks out into a sparsely produced (by Sam Evian) full band sound. An interesting change in direction and worthy addition to the Hannah Cohen catalogue.

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