Broken Record #52


Russian three-piece Gnoomes have just released their latest album Tschak! which was recorded after a series of brushes with the law (and even the army) forced the band to ditch their "psychedelics" and find other means of inspiration. Luckily the album turned out great and you can listen to a sample below, but first take a look at some of their musical prescriptions in #52 of our Broken Record series.

Driving Record

Manuel Göttsching - Inventions For Electric Guitar

If you ask us what’s the most memorable road trip for Gnoomes as a band we would definitely say the way from Wroclaw (PL) to Leipzig (GER). The sun was falling down and everything was turning into gold that we were blinded by European beauty and charmed by the autobahn’s straightness. This magic moment wouldn’t had happened without Manuel Göttsching’s album that filled our car with psychedelic vibe and put us in the state of hypnosis and meditation.
Live Record

Steve Reich - Music For 18 Musicians

You’d better be careful with such powerful stuff…because it can lead you in some deepest corners of your consciousness. The strength of its repetitive loops always make you find something new in the soundscape and even hear something that doesn’t really exist in this work by incredible Steve Reich. No matter what version you are going to listen to but we prefer the original that was recorded in 1978. «Music For 18 Musicians» can teach you a lot, for example how to reach heaven by playing one chord for several minutes.
Record From My Youth

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92

Tons of words were said about this particular record but it’s still not enough to express the meaning of this album to modern music. Can’t really believe it’s turning 25 this year. Everything just goes beautiful when you’re listening to it. Our vocalist Sasha says: «I can still remember I was 18, I was waiting for my late bus to home, it was 30 below zero outside and this shitty bus was not expected to come. The only thing I had was just Aphex Twin's music in my headphones where I was able to escape from the cold bus stop and to warm up a little bit».
Record That Remind Me Of

Landing - Passages Through

We felt in love with Landing long time ago. We even made a remix of their song ‘Across The Sky’ from their album that called ‘Circuit’, but the story we want you to tell is about the another one… When we were touring over the UK we had a stop in the place called Yorkshire. We found a great apartment by the river and it was literally a boathouse! It was a late night and we can’t see anything outside the boat that’s why we had to use a lanterns. There was also an old player with crappy speakers which we can connect to the MP3 player and we turned on ‘Passages Through’. We stood on the deck and played with lights from the lanterns so we can illuminate cross the river. It was so romantic and freaky simultaneously, so we want to say thanks to Landing again, especially for the track ‘I See You’, we played it about thousand times that night.