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The gist Gentle Friendly's second album, their first for FatCat, is named after the sad, sad story of a extinct Hawaiian bird...in case you were wondering The music It shouldn't be too much of a surprise that this album is a bit of a head-fuck. Going by previous form, and a pretty incomprehensible album title you'd put money on it. Casios, tapes, layers and layers of weird noises, drums and cataleptic vocals are the order of the day on an album which never really settles into any sort of routine. There are a few musical tropes which you could apply to this record: lots of tribal drums, some otherworldly/nonsensical vocals and airy synthy textures. Its quite difficult to compartmentalise KAUA'I O'O A'A actually, a rare and welcome thing in 2014. Listen to "Shake Up" sees the band to go crazy around a safely warming organ sound which anchors the whole thing to some sort of normality. Listen if...you like Akron/Family, Tune-yards, something new. Don't listen if...you value song structure above all else.