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Whatever We Probably Already Had It by Frog

November 30, 2018
Adam Millard

Frog, a duo from ‘The Swamp’ in Queens, NYC are back with a new mini-album called Whatever We Probably Already Had It. Frog seem to like releasing things which are just short of a full length album (although at eight tracks, this one could arguably be treated as such). Since their self titled debut EP came out in 2013 Frog have released only one bona-fide full length LP, 1015's wonderful Kind of Blah. That release has been complimented with a few singles, a re-release of their debut EP, and a fantastic tour doc called Kings of Blah. For us listeners though let's just be glad that the band are putting new music out, even if it's a just a quick fix. The good news is that this quick fix is quite a hit. 

Opening with "Frog Lives!" which sounds like the sort of DIY intro i'd have made for my teenage metal band, they swiftly move on to more familiar territory with "American", an angry take on identity or nationalism wrapped in a Frog trademark catchy melody. Singer/guitarist Danny Bateman swoons "God bless the USA" and then follows it up with "I’m Ok, I’m Ok, I’m Ok..." before Tom White's drums come crashing in and the track descends into chaos and confusion. It's just about as good as Frog have ever been. I think I like angry Frog.

Yes, this mini-LP is more raucous and ramshackle and a whole lot angrier than before but there's an air of familiarity to tracks like "God Once Loved a Woman" which is spine-tingling, dramatic and sad. Then there's "Bones" which ditches the drums in favour of some warm and soothing synth (possibly melodica). These are the type of songs that Frog do so well, you could swear they were cover versions or standards such is their power to get stuck in your head. But no, we just need to accept that Frog are just good at writing catchy tunes.

It's nice to have this band back in our lives, even if it's for eight tracks and twenty minutes.