Expect Delays

Release Date
The gist Evans the Death return with a confident second album of pitch-perfect indie pop. The music The London-based foursome have once more created a sound both familiar and fresh, reminiscent of 90’s indie pop before it cleaned up, got a bit boring and bought a house in suburbia. They’ve certainly grown, as has Rory Atwell’s sound. Atwell takes on the producing again, bringing more variety and depth this time, including some joyful retro keys and audio clips on title track, “Expect Delays”. It’s definitely a more polished affair than their self-titled debut LP, though thankfully they haven’t strayed too far from their modus operandi, just honed it, perfected it even. You can still wade through the pedal-heavy guitars to find divine indie pop melodies underneath. The best thing is the lack of pretentiousness, nothing sounds overly-studied. Whitaker’s stretched out, cynical-sounding vocals lend themselves to the mix of humour and angst that threads its way through the album. These songs are as much about stupidity and hangovers as they are about regret and relationships gone wrong. Aside from the already-released singles, “Enabler” and “Don’t laugh at my angry face”, there are a number of standout tracks that wouldn’t go amiss on the airwaves. There are no duds here, and it never gets boring. Listen to “Waste of Sunshine” – Echoing harmonies, lethargic and down tempo, the band at their most atmospheric and emotional. “Bad Year” – Full-on, pacey and amusing, the kind of track that has you nodding in agreement, “Yep, I totally get that”. “Expect Delays” – A great sing-a-long chorus and lyrics Jarvis Cocker would be proud of. Listen if you like… Joanna Gruesome, 90’s guitar bands.