Useless Coordinates

Release Date

Useless Coordinates is the debut album from Drahla (comprising of Luciel Brown, Rob Riggs and Mike Ainsley) which was recorded over just ten days in between a frantic touring schedule in 2018. It's dark and industrial right from the outset, utilising harsh, angular guitar sounds, discordant melodies and unusual rhythmic flows alongside more traditional punk and rock elements to create something that's both challenging and familiar. It can be harsh and desolate but with enough pumping rhythm to get you moving, should the mood take you (think Spectres with a bit more bounce). Then there's Brown's lyrics, which are delivered in chunks, like tiny observational soundbites (a possible heir to the Mark E Smith throne?) and they sit perfectly alongside the musical clatter. Chris Duffin from the superb XAM Duo also appears to add some sax which flits between intense, abstract and full on glam-rock (see the finale of "Serenity" which goes all Roxy Music from out of nowhere). A fittingly hectic debut.