Broken Record #13


Die! Die! Die!, the lovable noisy New Zealanders have just released their fantastic fourth album Harmony (out in the UK on Smalltown America Records). Full of fuzzy melodic punk pop it sees the band in fine fettle. They'll be back in Europe in July, apparently armed with a batch of brand new songs. Here, drummer Michael Prain speaks to Crackle about his record collection and stuff.

Under-rated Album

Les Thugs - As Happy As Possible

I was introduced to this band by a friend in France, it immediately resonated with me and I wanted to play it all the time. Being a big fan of everything 90s that was on sub pop, it seems Les Thugs slipped under my radar years back in Dunedin as a teenager.This album in particular displays all the inspirational and uplifting racket all my favourite punk rock records have.
Over-rated Album

The Libertines- Up The Bracket

Agitating at best this frustratingly over hyped affair will hopefully be duly forgotten about in the annals of rock history.
Album Of Sin

Ace Of Base - The Sign

What can I say about this, hailing from Sweden in the company of other Swedish nationals ABBA this still keeps its place in my records of shame, its songs like all that she wants and wheel of fortune that absolutely make me cringe but will always find yourself singing along when it comes on when out and about. Ace of base seems to tick all the right boxes for me in this category. While answering this question I watched the video for the sign and it is actually kind of amazing in its own way also.
Joyful Album

Electrelane - The Power Out

I really like all of there albums and it was a very difficult decision between this record and there later record no shouts no calls, but the power out definitely makes for a rapturous listen, it must have something to do with that up beat bouncy tempo under pinning some of the songs, I particularly love the guitar playing on this record also.
Album From My Youth

The Rolling Stones - Aftermath

This was one of the only rock records my Mum owned and played quite a lot when I was a child, I remember there being a large amount of talk back radio in the house which was shockingly boring compared to this. Paint it black was an absolute favourite on this record.
Driving Album

De La Soul - 3 Feet High and Rising

With eclectic sampling, really good beats and some of the most creative and off beat lyrics in hip hop. It makes a long drive fly by, and never gets boring after many repeated listens.
Record That Reminds Me Of…

Cat Power - You Are Free

I remember buying this record in the middle of winter on a particularly cold and wet day and being enchanted by it immediately, the dreamy photo of summer time in a park complemented the entire record so well, it made a very cold and dull evening something memorable.