Too Tough To Live

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“Brevity is the soul of wit” wrote Shakespeare. Dan Sartain clearly believes this too. The reason I used this particular quote from Hamlet is that this album is short, very short. Granted it doesn’t venture into Napalm Death territory in terms of song lengths but barely a song clocks in over the 2 minute mark. Kicking off with the Buzzcocks influenced “Nam Vet” the album continues in a similar vein throughout, mostly taking the Ramones sound of the late 70s as its start and end point. The majority of the album can be indeed seen as homage to the Ramones (homage = French for rip off if you are feeling uncharitable) and this is reflected in some of the album’s lyrical themes with such titles as the aforementioned “Nam Vet” (a tribute to the Chuck Norris Missing in Action series? Probably not) and “Boo Hoo Hoo” and “Fuck Friday” harking back to such throwaway titles as “The KKK Took My Baby Away” and “Cretin Hop”. Overall, the album is one of disposability. Don’t like one song? Don’t worry; they’ll be another one in the next minute or so. Don’t like that song either? Oh well, this is obviously not for you. As Sartain states “Fuck Friday, Fuck Saturday, Fuck Sunday. Fuck you.” He clearly doesn’t care; he’s having fun and, as he himself arrogantly declares, “Even at my worst, I’m better than you”.  I just hope that isn’t directed to any of the Ramones themselves…