Tron: Legacy

Release Date
Most people probably weren’t all that surprised when Daft Punk were recruited to compose the soundtrack to Tron Legacy; the sequel to a slightly boring but groundbreaking 80s sci-fi flick. Their live shows in particular, combine fluorescent lighting and lasers with minimal techno beats and owe a certain debt to the style of the original movie.  It may come as a shock then that the duo (Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter) have produced, what is essentially a traditional piece with an undercurrent of electronica. Right from the dazzling “Overture” an outsider would be led to believe that Daft Punk had been making soundtracks for decades and it’s surprising perhaps, that the orchestral pieces are where the duo really excel. “Outlands”, “Nocturne” and the humorously but fittingly titled “Adagio For TRON” haven’t been anywhere near a synthesiser and are closer to John Barry than John Digweed, but they combine to make a gorgeous mid-album peak. There’s more than enough for the robot loving pill-heads out there too though, and it’s easy to imagine tracks like “Arena” and “Derezzed” being expanded from sub 2 minute teasers into full blown house classics. The latter was leaked to hungry and expectant devotees earlier this year, and it may have been a misleading snippet as the track is by far the closest you’ll get to the Daft Punk-of-old on an album which will surprise and impress in equal measure.  The downside to this venture is that the French-House gods don’t get to build the songs up the way most fans will be used to (tracks rarely reach the 3 minute mark)and it’s fair to say that a remix album would be a very welcome companion piece to this release. This isn’t an album of extremes though, as electronic and classical combine perfectly at many stages, good examples of this being “Rectifier” and “Disc Wars” where the music can only really be described as EPIC. The sum of its parts amalgamate into an awesome soundtrack debut which can only mean one thing; the film will be utter shit.