Crimes Of Passion

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Crimes of Passion is the fourth album from San Diego's Crocodiles, hot on the heels of last year's Endless Flowers. For this outing they've brought in fellow fuzz merchant Sune Rose Wagner (of the Raveonettes) on production duties. A fitting choice indeed, as the band take us on a no holds barred journey through their C86 influenced sound (they have a whole load of other, less obvious, influences which you can read about in the highly educational Broken Record feature they did for us). Its familiar enough to please hardcore fans but the songwriting has been honed and grafted and seems to get better with each new release. The new record kicks-off with "I Like It In The Dark" and the would-be title track "Marquis De Sade", its a blaze of unashamed, up-front rock n roll, like Primal Scream in riff-heavy gospel tinged Give Out But Don't Give Up mode. They start as they mean to go on, pulling no punches in their approach to writing punchy feelgood pop songs. In fact, the first four tracks are all particular ear-worms, burrowing into your subconscious with their pleasing distorted melodies. "Heavy Metal Clouds" is perhaps the peak of this opening salvo, with its sublime brass laden chorus and summertime vibe.   Elsewhere there's the occasional dip, but the energy oozing from the album can't be faulted. They do change course with their last gasp though, "Un Chant D'Amour" is a come-down of sorts. Beautifully crafted, almost angelic at times, with a wistful middle 8 to die for. Its a cool and breezy way to leave us hanging, and proves convincingly that the band are no one trick ponies. They are Crocodiles.

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