Broken Record #47

civil civic

Five years on from their debut album, Civil Civic are back with a bang, and a hyperactive new LP called THE TEST. Aaron Cupples and Benjamin Green are originally from Melbourne but are now based in London and Barcelona, a long distance relationship which might go some way to explaining the five year gap in albums. Anyway, they are back now and that's all that really matters. Here in #47 of our Broken Record series, Ben Green (bass / synth) tells us about lots of the records that he loves/hates.

Under-rated Record

The Beastie Boys - Pauls Boutique

A total flop, both critically and commercially. The production was absolutely cutting edge for the time, the album art was totally intriguing, and the Beasties started taking the business of being rappers a touch more seriously. Set up their second coming in the 90’s.
Over-rated Record

Disclosure - The Face EP

I was listening to a lot of different electronic styles when this came out, and I was pretty ready to get into anything. But this EP just seemed so fucking safe and slick and dull. But all my friends just went nuts over it. I still don’t get it.
Record of Sadness

Nick Drake - Pink Moon

An obvious choice, but fuck it. This is crushing, gentle sadness that really soaks in. Cry yourself to death.
Record of Joy

XTC - Skylarking

Todd Rundgrun producing a bunch of insanely detailed Partridge prog pop that makes you feel like you’ve just been on some sort of dream vacation in an Alternative England where the sun is eight different colours and the scones talk to you.
Physical Exercise Record

Beastmilk - Climax

Slick, catchy goth-rock from Finland. Totally brings out the gym bro in me for some strange reason. Good, solid workout with hooks and great Nordic production values.
Record of Sin and Shame

Beastmilk - Climax

See above. It’s really pretty bad. Not proud of jamming this thing on the exercise bike.
Record From My Youth

Public Enemy - It Takes A Nation Of Millions to Hold Us Back

The first rap record I ever really connected with, for all the many good reasons that have been gone over in great detail by lots of other people who love it. I won’t start.
Annoying Record

Probably something by…

Juliana Barwick, or Sufjan Stevens, maybe Grimes? It’s hard to say.
Surprising Record

Death Grips - The Money Store

I didn’t know a thing about them. Put the record on, listened to it. What the fuck just happened? What did I just listen to? Play it again!! Nothing has shocked me as hard since.
Disappointing Record

Everything Kurt Vile Has Released Since “Smoke Ring For My Halo”

How many really good songs are on those albums? Three or four? Who cares? The early stuff got me curious, Smoke Ring broke my heart, the following records just bored me shitless.
Driving Record

Kyuss - Welcome To Sky Valley

Yep, sorry, I had to go there. I had a V8 1972 Ford Falcon for about two years, back in the late nineties, and slamming that big fucker up the Hume Highway with this record blasting out of a pair of big Marantz speaker boxes on the back seat was the closest to true freedom I’ve ever felt.
Live Record

Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense

Again, this is a really obvious choice. It’s a rare example of a live record eclipsing the studio versions of the same songs. Brilliantly sequenced with an incredible expanded line-up playing like total demons, it’s just great.
Record I’m looking forward to

Whatever Ariel Pink Does Next

I guess it’ll just be more Ariel Pink. That’s totally fine.
Record That Reminds Me Of...playing at La Route Du Rock

Chromatics - Kill For Love

Reminds me of playing at La Route Du Rock in 2012, which was one of my top 5 festival experiences and a real high point for Civil Civic. I remember watching Chromatics and being amazed how live and groovy they were (I expected a really cold, sequenced performance, didn’t expect a breathing, cooking band).

Something else...

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