The Lamp Sessions

Release Date
Bromheads Jacket split up after 2 solid albums (Dits From The Commuter Belt being a legitimate lost classic, relatively ignored by the main stream press on release) but they live on with their new project: Bromheads. Guitar/Vocalist Tim Hampton and Drummer Dan Potter are still plugging away in untraditional fashion as a bare bones 2 piece. With The Lamp Sessions they make a low-key return to the physical format with a ten song collection of tracks which were previously released as free MP3s over the past year. The results showcase an exciting rebirth and give a glimpse of what might be still to come from the invigorated Sheffield pair. There’s an average track time of around 2 ½ minutes on the record which isn’t particularly surprising for a Bromheads release but there is a conscious change in direction evident here. Even though tracks like “Edey” are reminiscent of mark-one Bromheads Jacket with their breakneck lyrics and fuzz heavy riffs, most of the tracks here display a more innocent narrative which hark back to the US Surf-pop and garage bands of the 1960s (see “Magic Number”, “Blinkers On”). “Snow” is so catchy it will be annoying your brain space for weeks after hearing it (which is not to say it’s an annoying tune, it’s great, just insanely memorable so listen at your peril). Weak points on the collection however include “Cinderella’s” which sounds like a discarded early demo and “Friends” which just gets a bit too repetitive especially when thinking back to the lyrical genius of Tim Hampton’s early work. The power duo pull things back though and leave us with the mouth-wateringly countrified “Chocolate Factory” which might be described as Bromheads’ very own Hotel Yorba and is well worth the sticker price alone.