pom pom

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The gist Sprawling synth drenched schizo pop from recent press provocateur. The music Following the relatively disappointing Mature Themes, Mr Pink returns with a double set encompassing genres of varying merit including goth (the pastiche of “Not Enough Violence”, the self-explanatory “Goth Bomb”), funk (the lo-fi “Black Ballerina”) and oft-descents into sheer silliness (“Dinosaur Carebears” anyone?). The album is a subversion of sorts with Pink adopting an array of different voices throughout, in some respects depicting the different aspects of his own personality and emphasizes the sprawling, schizophrenic nature of the record as a whole. Sex is never far away from the equation with such workouts as “Sexual Athletics” wherein Pink declares himself the “the sex king on a velvet swing” and the aforementioned “Not Enough Violence” with its chorus of “penetration time tonight” being none too subtle reminders of what I assume is one of Pink’s main preoccupations although we are thankfully spared the “blow jobs of death” references found in Mature Themes. In a very real sense this is a very playful album but one that lacks any sense of cohesiveness although this is probably intentional on Pink’s part. It is undoubtedly a much more enjoyable album than his previous effort although definitely something that needs to be listened with a relatively open mind. Originally to be titled The Pink Album, this is not Pink’s The White Album though it does share that album’s sense of genre hopping restlessness but leaves you thinking that it would be a lot better if he stopped being so intent on whipping out his big ball sack of musical genres and just stick to one. Listen to “Not Enough Violence” – synthy goth pastiche (but in a good way). “Put Your Number in My Phone” – a sugary hit in an alternative universe.